A simple app that should come pre-installed on any phone. If you have a photo in your iPhone and need to call the number on the photo or email some text or just Google it, you now don’t need paper and pen anymore. Use PhotoText to write text from your photo notes, email it, Google it or just make a phone call.

Perfect for photos of whiteboards, ads, notes, posters, receipts, ISBN, bar codes, luggage tags etc.


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  • Baskim (USA) * * * * *  
    Ingenious! Elegant and simple. Incredibly useful and necessary. I love it, and I use it very, very often. Thank you very much!
  • Yvonne E.B (Sweden) * * * * *  
    Perfect Gem of an App! This app is a life saver. Take a picture of a poster, a recipe or an important text, and open it up in PhotoText to quickly jot down important details. It's not an app I use on a daily basis- but when I do, I'm SO happy I gave it a chance, despite the ratings given by people who seem to have missed the point - and the app description. Many thanks! :)
  • Chandais (USA) * * * * *  
    This is the app I never realized I needed. Stumbled upon it and now I use it all the time. Love it!