Photo Navigator

Photo Navigator

Probably the easiest possible navigation tool. Just take a photo with the Camera app. Photo Navigator will then tell you where and when this photo was taken and will help you navigate back to that exact spot. You can also see in which direction the photo was taken.

Photo Navigator requires that the photos have GPS data included in the image data, just like iPhone photos normally have. Navigation has never been easier!

Use it to find your way back to that perfect photo location, where you parked your car, the bar from yesterday or just figure out where and when a photo was taken.

When traveling with this app, you will also see the current speed and the estimated time it takes to get to the photo location if you travel straight toward the target at the current speed. You can also share photo locations with friends.


Top App Store Reviews (4.5 stars average)

  • Jays job (United States) * * * * *
    Very cool app! I really like this app! It fills a need that other apps haven't got quite right. I've tried a ton of this photo location apps and this is by far the best one I have used to date. Great job dev!
  • Terence Mirabelli (United States) * * * * *
    Easy and effective. This is a simple to use app, yet effective. And that is what makes a great app
  • tricia8765 (Canada) * * * * *
    Wonderful program. An unexpected surprise! This App is so amazing! I am sending it to everyone. What a find!
  • mhill2450 (United States) * * * * *
    Love it. Great app. I keep finding new ways to use this.