Nocknock! Who's there?

Chat with people nearby, totally anonymous, absolutely free! Chat on cafés, bars, busses, trains, conferences, hotels, airports, in schools. Anywhere. 
This app uses Bluetooth and Wifi to communicate. No Internet. No registration needed. No servers involved. No Surveillance Agencies. Nothing. 

If no one else is using this app, it is pretty much useless! So spread the word and fill the world with happy nocknockers! 

Others may only find you if this app is running in the foreground. If you can't find anyone nearby, turn the phone sideways to show a message to others, letting them know you want to chat. Be patient. They will come. They will. 

The world is what we make it. Be nice to people around you. Feed your karma. Compassion is good. Love is good. Be fun. Have fun! 




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 nocknock just received this beautiful review from the brilliant site beautifulpixels.com :

 - " nocknock is a fun new app for iPhone to quickly chat with people around you. It uses your phone’s Wi-fi or Bluetooth to initiate one-to-one connections and then uses them to communicate between the phones. Of course, this means the other person needs to have nocknock installed on his/her phone too. But the benefits of this are that there’s absolutely no signup involved, nothing is sent or received via any servers. It has a lovely UI and offers a fun way to chat with random people. "

http://beautifulpixels.com/platter/platter-27-october-2013 »




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