Type while skydiving! Not really, but this top positioned keyboard makes typing with one hand safer and easier as you hold the device more firmly. The handgrip also makes it more difficult for thieves to snatch the device from your hand. It's also the perfect aid for persons who only have one functional hand, or have to thumb-type with long finger nails. 

Use GripType whenever you have to type with one hand securely. Test the strength by trying to grab the device from someones hand while typing with GripType and then compare by typing with a normal keyboard. 

Open a web address in Safari, text a message, search with Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Tumblr or just open a coordinate (or an address) in the Maps app. 

As extensive thumb-typing may cause repetitive stress syndrome, you should only use this app when you absolutely have to. This app makes thumb-typing less harmful, but it is still not to recommend for longer typing. 

Safe thumb-typing!