FastTrack Navigator


FastTrack Navigator

Super simple navigation. A Distance meter and an arrow which points toward the destination. Often this is all you need to quickly get to a place. A quick glance at the screen and you are set! FastTrack Navigator is integrated with the new maps in iOS6, via the 'Route' option.

FastTrack is most useful for walking, running, biking, boating and when commuting, but you might find it useful when driving as well. 

Colors, graphics and fonts are carefully selected to be used outdoors on a sunny day. The app is designed for secure, one-handed, thumb-operated usage on the move. Even the direction arrow conforms to ISO Standard 7001, like airport pictograms.

This apps shows you the closest way to a destination, 'as the crow flies'. It's not a straight line as you might think as the earth is curved.


FastTrack Navigator is just about the simplest navigation app you could ever want ... But that’s not to say that it isn’t beautifully designed ... you’d be a fool not to have this on you.
— Charlie Sorrel / Cult of Mac