An application that monitors the electricity while it's connected to a power outlet via a USB power adapter.

It is really simple: connect the iPhone/iPod/iPad to the charger and start the app. Put the phone down with the screen facing downwards. That's it!

If the power goes out an acoustic alarm will sound. The iPhone will also vibrate.

It is very useful in situations where you need to be notified in the middle of the night of a power failure. Like if you have a burglar alarm, an aquarium, big freezer, heater, etc.


Top App Store Reviews

(4.5 star ratings average in the United States!)

  • Irishmcmonster (United States) * * * * *
    Get it. It Works! My wife and I both downloaded this during Hurricane Sandy. If my sump pumps don't work, I have an indoor swimming pool. Within an hour of getting this app the power went off, briefly, but off. This app worked like a charm.
  • Ejkilby1 (UK) * * * * *
    Works like a charm! I downloaded this because my house mains supply was constantly tripping at the CB. I was worried that during the night it would do it again and low and behold it did at 4am and this crafty app woke me up pronto so I could reset the trip. It turned out to be a leaky outside light tripping it. If only the app could fix the electric wiring at the same time :-)
  • B4nightfall (United States) * * * * *
    A must have! I was worried this winter that if the power went out at night I would not know, and that means my poor dogs would freeze w/o the heater in their dog house. Then my husband said "I bet there's an app for that". Heck ya! This thing rocks! So worth it. I turn it on religiously every night before bed. My doggies thank you!!!!
  • Scotty MaC 22 (United States) * * * * *
    Electricity? Life saver! Let me start by saying I had no idea this type of app existed and thought how useful it would be if they made one... Well they do. The reason for wanting this app is that I have 5 multiple thousand dollar aquariums and an older house with some pretty weak electrical. If my circuit breaker trips in the middle of the night I could literally loose thousands of dollars! Not cool. I simply plug my phone into the charger as i do everynight, but now I have the piece of mind knowing that as I'm sound asleep, my investments are protected. I would highly recommend this cheap app that could potentially save you thousands!