Compass Go

Compass Go

An iPhone application that shows the direction and distance to a point of interest. It can also be used as a GPS compass, a sun compass and a general navigation utility as it also has a built in magnetic declination indicator.

When you are at a place which you want to find back later, just tap ‘Set Target’, ‘Use current location’ and you are set! Later on when you are trying to find your way back, just start compass go and you will see the direction and distance to your target.

It is very useful in situations where a map doesn’t work well, like on a huge parking lot, in the forest or a holiday resort where the map is not accurate. Find that bar on the street with no name, find that place on the beach where the hot babe is, etc.

The application continuously reads your position and updates the screen. If the compass is set to ‘ON’, the compass rotates and assumes that you point top of the iPhone in your current heading.

You may also enter a GPS coordinate which is very useful when you are doing stuff like geocaching or using coordinates from a map.


Compass Go smartly features one-tap access to mail your current coordinates to a friend and to switch to the Maps app to see your location there.
— Lex Friedman / Macworld

Compass Go featured in Apple's TV commercial 'Itchy'


App Store reviews (238 five star ratings) 

urveying101  - Version 1.2 - Nov 25, 2012 - United States: * * * * *
simple navigation app with user option to enter destination lat/long in degree/minute/decimal seconds format. I have been looking for this app. It's really cool that the compass turns green as you get within a few feet of destination. I wish it had the option to change yards2go to feet2go but no big deal. I'm a land surveyor and this thing is great. Some folks might miss degree/decimal minutes format.

Feedback email:
"Hi, before I purchased my android phone my salesman indicated to me I would be able to install compass go. Well he lied. I tried 30 androidapps. And none is even close to what compass go can do. I would almost go as far to repurchase a different phone..."